The Concession Agreement ceding the old University building to the Municipality of Ioannina has been signed, opening a new page for the landmark property, allowing it to be developed for the benefit of the local community in Ioannina

08/02/2022 | Press Releases

The agreement, conceding the city’s old University to the Municipality of Ioannina, was signed today at the offices of the Hellenic Public Property Company (HPPC) SA by its CEO, Mr. Stefanos D Vlastos, and the Mayor of Ioannina, Mr. Moses Elisaf.

This agreement marks the complete renovation of this historic building by the Municipality of Ioannina and its return to the local community in line with the city’s long-standing request to house Municipality services in the building and to use it to serve the needs of Ioannina residents.

Immediately after the signing of the agreement, the CEO of HPPC, Stefanos D. Vlastos, stated:

“We are particularly happy today as thanks to the positive response from the Prime Minister we have managed to find a solution to a chronic problem for the city of Ioannina and meet a long-standing request from the local community. Today’s agreement paves the way for one of our landmark properties to be completely renovated and to leave behind its image which, for many years, did not bring any honour to the Greek State or the city. I would like to personally thank the Mayor of Ioannina, Mr. Moses Elisaf, and all those who contributed to this effort, allowing us to create another magnet for development that will bring multiple benefits to Ioannina, as befits the city’s rich history.”

For his part, the Mayor of Ioannina, Mr. Moses Elisaf, made the following statement:

“Today is a great day. A building that was linked to the progress and development of Ioannina, the old University building, is passing to the Municipality, to the city. Our goal is to make it the springboard for a new era of creativity. I want to thank the Prime Minister, Kyriakos Mitsotakis, for his decisive contribution and the Management of HPPC, and especially the Managing Director Stefanos Vlastos, whose actions lead to the final signing of the concession agreement.”