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HPPC, as a 100% subsidiary of the Hellenic Corporation of Assets and Participations (HCAP) pursuant to Law 4389/2016, has the main purpose of utilizing most appropriately and effectively its portfolio of assets with absolute transparency and accountability in the public interest and in accordance with the rules of the private economy.

The utilization of the Greek state’s properties aims to create added value, attract and implement sustainable investments, preserve the country’s natural and cultural wealth and secure the company’s substantial contribution to economic, social and environmental development for all its citizens.


The mission of HPPC is the optimal utilization of the Greek state’s real estate to create a multiplier benefit for the national economy and a strong social impact for local communities and citizens.

Through the mapping, maturing, improvement and sound management of its portfolio HPPC serves its mission:

Firstly, by supporting the investment and reforms policy of the Greek government, maximizing the value of the Greek state’s property and creating multiple benefits for the economy and society. In so doing, the development of wealth created by the company flows back into society through the implementation of the necessary investments for the country, the creation of jobs and the coverage of social needs of particular significance, through the upgrading and utilization of the Greek state’s infrastructure in the crucial areas of health, education, culture, sport and environmental protection.

Secondly, by contributing through the optimal utilization of its portfolio and revenues generated by the company to the reduction of the country’s public debt, thus contributing to the national effort to improve the competitiveness of the Greek economy, to secure the confidence of foreign institutions and investors, the gradual alleviation of taxpayers and in building a sustainable and better perspective for the next generation of Greeks.


Our vision for HPPC is to be transformed into a real estate entity that will become a reference point in the management and utilization of the real estate assets belonging to the Greek state and will contribute with its know-how and expertise and guided by the public interest and the needs of the market to the economic development and the well-being of local communities, citizens and the country, as a whole.