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In recent years HPPC has been implementing coordinated actions aimed at achieving digital transition at all levels, digitising its archives and operating procedures. The company records, identifies and digitises the assets in its portfolio, its internal procedures on the correct, ongoing monitoring and record-keeping for that portfolio, the combined processing of information and also the development of critical digital tools both for itself and its Business Units.

HPPC’s strategic goal is to adapt its operation to the rapidly evolving digital environment and the new circumstances brought about by the pandemic crisis with the aim of steadily improving the efficiency and security of its information systems, increasing its productivity through the use of technology, optimising the maturity and use of its portfolio through modern digital tools and offering modern services to the public in a user-friendly way through the Business Units that it manages.



Use of modern and integrated real estate portfolio management software

HPPC uses MIS (Thesis) software, a modern management information system, for its portfolio so that it has an overall picture of each property. This software offers a range of state-of-the-art services and covers a range of specialised needs in the areas of information management, interconnection with business intelligence (BI) systems, monitoring lease and credit control and supporting the electronic workflow system. Through the Thesis system, the relevant services and the Company executives can quickly receive information about the Company’s portfolio on a daily basis (such as real estate appraisals, real estate legal cases, etc.).

At the same time, HPPC has upgraded the Geographic Information System (GIS) to meet its multitude of needs and workflows. Specifically, by creating a HPPC geographical web Portal, its geographical and descriptive content and services can be used internally and simultaneously.

Also, applications for searching and monitoring company data, technical and legal control of real estate, statistics and data processing and recording have been introduced. By creating a reliable geographical base for its portfolio, HPPC is able to deal more quickly with the management and use of its properties, and respond more quickly to management and use requests from other bodies.

Pilot implementation of Artificial Intelligence systems

The Company has piloted Artificial Intelligence systems for some of its contracts (lease contracts, supply contracts). The aim is to introduce artificial intelligence systems in specific areas to assist in the Company’s operations via the processing and combined evaluation of different information (financial, legal, technical, etc.) 

Cloud (Office 365)

HPPC is gradually transitioning its services to Microsoft Cloud (Microsoft Office 365), thereby integrating all the possibilities and applications offered by this service into the Company’s everyday operations. Once the transition to all new features is complete, the Company will make use of all the new Microsoft 365 digital environment’s capabilities in areas such as managing documents and content, services, users and devices, and security and threat management.

Creation and use of Virtual Tour tools (3D VIRTUAL TOUR)

HPPC is making good use of the opportunities offered by digital technology. Following the methods used today internationally to promote and highlight cultural and historical sites, it is giving Greeks and people all over the world the chance to get to know the emblematic sites of the Achilleion Museum and the Diros Caves through 3D Virtual Tours.

This initiative which was implemented with HPPC’s own resources comes at a critical juncture for all museums worldwide as a result of the effects of restrictive measures introduced to combat the pandemic. 

In this context, HPPC, in collaboration with the Ministry of Culture and Sports, is adopting modern international promotion methods for cultural sites, offering both Greeks and all users, wherever in the world they may be, the opportunity to enjoy a complete digital browsing experience and a guided tour.



Achilleion Museum

Diros Caves

Introduction of web-ticketing to Business Units

HPPC has introduced electronic ticketing systems at its Business Units to provide visitors with secure and user-friendly services. In this way, people can purchase their electronic tickets via a secure electronic transaction environment and avoid waiting at the ticket offices. They are also able to choose the services and facilities they require individually. Specifically, online ticket purchase services are provided for visitors to Akti Vouliagmeni, the Parnassos Ski Centre, the Diros Caves and the Achilleion Museum.


Introduction of a Paperless Document Management System

HPPC is gradually adopting and implementing “paperless” policies and practices across the whole range of its internal processes, utilising these systems and technologies in areas such as distributing internal documents and supporting digital signatures. The goal, through the gradual introduction of digital practices and obsolescence of physical files, is to completely digitise the Company’s archives and its internal processes, and also to improve the Company’s internal environmental footprint.

Business Intelligence Systems (BI - Qlikview)

HPPC is emphasising the development of business intelligence systems with the aim of providing better internal information to its executives and assisting them in the decisions they need to take every day. Business intelligence systems are the best tool for this as one if their main advantages is the availability of timely and targeted reports on the company’s financial data.