A Concession Agreement for HPPC Real Estate was signed in the Municipality of Corinth, marking the creation of a Biotechnology and Innovation Technology Park in Lechaio, Corinthia

10/02/2022 | Press Releases

The concession agreement which ceded, with exchange, the Regional Market of Lechaio to the Municipality of Corinth was signed at HPPC headquarters by the CEO of the Hellenic Public Properties Company (HPPC), Mr. Stefanos D. Vlastos and the Mayor of Corinth, Mr. Vassilis Nanopoulos, in the presence of the Deputy Minister for Research and Technology, Mr. Christos Dimas and the Deputy Mayor of the Municipality of Corinth, Mr. Spyros Platis.

This agreement cedes an area of ​​102,381.67 sq.m which is part of the HPPC portfolio to the local Corinth community, with the aim of creating a Biotechnology Park where biotechnology, innovation and high technology companies can operate. The duration of the concession for use of the property is thirty (30) years from the signing of the contract with the possibility of an extension for another ten (10) years.

In this way, after the pre-contractual audit was successfully completed by the Court of Auditors, HPPC is responding to a long-standing request from the Municipality of Corinth for this property to be ceded to it. This paves the way for strategic, flagship investment that will yield multiple benefits for both the wider region and for the country as a whole.

Immediately after the agreement was signed, the Deputy Minister for Research and Technology, Mr. Christos Dimas stated:

“Today, the concession of part of the old market of Lechaio by HPPC to the Municipality of Corinth was completed with the aim of creating a Biotechnology and Innovation Technology Park, which has already been approved by the Interministerial Committee for Strategic Investments. These developments put Corinth squarely on the map of innovation and give an important development boost to the region as well as giving hope to many young people.”

For his part, the CEO of HPPC, Mr. Stefanos D. Vlastos, stated:

“We are particularly satisfied, as indeed we are every time we manage through hard and methodical work to find meaningful solutions to chronic problems and to make proper use of the real estate in our portfolio, real estate that is now turning into a strong magnet for growth. Today, through this concession to the Municipality of Corinth, we have created the conditions for a strategic investment in Corinth to be made in areas of strategic importance for the country such as research, innovation and advanced technology. Our goal is to continue to contribute to this national effort, and to attract even more significant and sustainable investment in Greek State properties for the benefit of all citizens.”

For his part, the Mayor of Corinth stated:

“A long-standing request by our community has been met with the signing of the concession contract ceding the Regional Market of Lechaio from HPPC to the Municipality of Corinth to create a Biotechnology Park where high-tech companies can operate. I am very happy about the development and we at the Municipality of Corinth are committed to doing whatever is necessary to develop the space in a short time and to develop the area. I thank all those who contributed decisively to the success of this effort and especially the Deputy Minister of Research and Technology, Mr. Christos Dimas, the CEO of HPPC, Mr. Stefanos Vlastos, and all the employees of the Municipality and our partners who worked on this.”

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