Stefanos Vlastos, CEO of HPPC SA, at the 7th Delphi Economic Forum. “Harmonious coexistence between the State and private sector is the only way forward for development and progress in the country”

08/04/2022 | Highlights, Press Releases

During the third day of the 7th Delphi Economic Forum there was a discussion between the CEO of Hellenic Public Properties Company SA (HPPC), Stefanos D. Vlastos, and the founder of Dynacom Tankers, Sea Traders and Dynagas, Giorgos Prokopiou, the successful bidder in the auction for the Skaramagas Shipyards. The conversation centred on Skaramangas Shipyards and the need to eliminate any obstacles and fixed positions that hinder attracting and implementing significant investments in the country.

During the panel, which was chaired by Alpha journalist Maria Nikoltsiou, particular reference was made to the recent lawsuit brought by the Municipality of Haidari against transferring the Skaramagas Shipyards to the new investor, with Mr. Vlastos noting: “Unfortunately in Greece you can never foresee everything. We took a failed management model, an outdated way of the shipyards and solved a 50 year old problem. We managed to attract an international leading Greek investor and patriot, who managed to win the auction”.

Regarding the smooth open tender process run by HPPC for its property in Skaramangas Shipyards, the CEO of the Company noted that “taking into account the market data, we were able to sell the area belonging to HPPC for 37 million, up from 30.7 million euros which was the starting price, as we had previously solved a large number of problems. Through negotiations we increased the initial area from 216 acres to 332 acres, ensuring the integrity of the property and ensuring it had access to the road, thus succeeding in saving Greek citizens the 16 million which they were paying as fines annually”.

In turn, Mr. Prokopiou spoke about the “transparency and the faultless process by which the tender for the Skaramangas Shipyards was conducted”, and he mentioned the problems encountered by investors who are active in Greece and the need to remove obstacles to the significant investments being implemented in the country. He also uncovered his vision for the development of the Shipyards which has a dual purpose: so they contribute to the country’s defence in line with the Greek Government’s plans, and so that the shipbuilding and repair zone is brought back to life.

On the need for cooperation between the public and the private sectors, as well as the institutional changes needed so that more investments can be made in Greece, the CEO of HPPC noted that “We should consider as a State, as a society and as citizens, what kind of investments we want to attract “.

Referring to HPPC’s role in attracting investors, Mr. Vlastos noted that on the basis of the Prime Minister’s commitment the Company manages to attract important investors and to deal with many of the problems caused by bureaucracy.

Mr. Vlatsos added, “We will provide support, for as long as needed and with all our strength, to ensure that this auction and investment that will contribute to the country’s development are successful. As HPPC, we are a force that provides healthy support to the State and the only way for the country to succeed is coexistence and cooperation between the State and the private sector.”