Call for Expression of Interest in the use, in part or in full, of a HPPC coastal property in Imeros, Rodopi

24/09/2021 | Announcements, Our News

The Hellenic Public Properties Company S.A. (HPPC) hereby announces a Call for Expressions of Interest in the submission of proposals regarding the development of the public property with Registry No 1902 which is located at Imeros beach, approximately 23 km south of Komotini, in the prefecture of Rodopi.

HPPC is responsible for the administration and management of this property and intends to proceed with its development by holding an international tender for its long-term lease, in part or as a whole.

This property was registered in 2003 as an old beach, is outside the city plan, is coastal and has a flat morphology. According to a recent survey, the property is divided into two sections by a Provincial Road, and has a total area of ​​over 3,400 acres.

It should be noted that the property is part of the National Park of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace (ΕΠΑΜΘ) and, for the most part, is within a Ramsar site.

HPPC’s aim is to attract proposals to develop the property, so that activities based on the allowed uses under Government Gazette 497D/17.10.2008 can be developed there. Due to its large size and location in an area of ​​great environmental importance, the property is suitable for the development of alternative forms of tourism and other activities, such as tourist accommodation facilities, conference centres, hostels and camps, leisure facilities (restaurants, tavernas, snack bars) sport facilities, cultural centres or theme parks which will take into account the protection, enhancement and utilisation of the rich natural and cultural environment of the area.

In this context, the aim of the call is to inform investors about the property and HPPC’s intention to ensure its long-term development. The purpose of the call is to further the development of the property, in part or in whole, to contribute to the upgrading of the area and the growth of the local economy while also strengthening the company’s revenues.

In view of the preparation of the Tender Documents which will follow this call for expressions of interest, HPPC issues an open invitation to interested parties, who are invited to submit:

  • their development proposals (with photorealistic drawings and an initial investment plan either for the whole property or for one or more parts of it, depending on their interest, taking into account the existing institutional framework of permitted land uses and building conditions
  • the uses that will be developed with the corresponding building-coverage figures
  • an implementation schedule and possible distinct development phases
  • the preferred duration of the concession
  • the estimated amount of the investment
  • proof of the viability of the investment plan
  • their experience in the implementation, management and operation of similar projects.

Interested parties should submit proposals in a sealed envelope to the head offices of the Company (Voulis 7, 105 62 Athens, Protocol office, 2nd floor) by December 15, 2021 from 09.00-16.00.
For further information on the description and uses of the property, interested parties can contact HPPC here, on 210-3339660 or by e-mail to [email protected]



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