HPPC cedes the Xenios Zeus tourist property to the Municipality of Ancient Olympia to create an International Cultural Centre

23/02/2022 | Press Releases

The concession agreement for the former Xenios Zeus Hotel in the Municipality of Ancient Olympia was signed the CEO of HPPC, Mr. Stefanos D. Vlastos, and the Mayor of the town, Mr. George Georgiopoulos, at the HPPC offices.

The property covers ​​15,495 sq.m. and the buildings on the property cover ​​1,762 sq.m. The contract has a thirty (30) year duration, with the possibility of being extended for a further ten (10) years. One the Municipality has fully and properly restored building on the property, it will then use the property as a multi-functional cultural and educational space.

Xenios Zeus Hotel is at the entrance to the town of Ancient Olympia and was built in 1963 after an architectural study by Aris Konstantinidis, then head of the design department at EOT. The Xenios Zeus was a motel-type hotel with 72 beds.

Immediately after the concession was signed, the CEO of HPPC, Stefanos Vlastos, stated:

“We are pleased and satisfied that, thanks to teamwork and after many years of it being abandoned and run down, we managed to deliver this landmark property to the local community of Ancient Olympia within a few months. This building is of  particular architectural value and was designed by the famous architect Aris Konstantinidis. We believe that by putting this property to good use, and by the Municipality promoting it as an important cultural space, we are making a significant contribution to the national effort which is being made in cooperation with local agencies to showcase Ancient Olympia as a World Center of Culture and Ecumenical Values, to promote it to tourists and to foster economic development in the wider region. We are looking forward to seeing first hand, through the work being done, this unique property being brought back to life and becoming a global attraction.”

For his part, the Mayor of Ancient Olympia, Mr. G. Georgiopoulos stated:

“From the first months of our term as the Municipal Authority of Ancient Olympia we have been requesting that HPPC cede the former motel “XENIOS ZEUS” to us so that it could be put to good use and brought into operation as a Cultural and Educational space as, despite it being a place of global importance, Olympia does not have any such area. This year’s fruitful cooperation with HPPC has been successful and “XENIOS ZEUS” has been ceded to our Municipality for thirty plus ten years. We would like to warmly thank the Managing Director of HPPC, Mr. Stefanos Vlastos, for supporting our request, and we would also like to thank the entire HPPC team for their excellent work with our Municipality’s Technical Services. And of course we must not forget to thank the Member of Parliament and former Minister, Mr. Tzavaras, for the help he offered to secure the successful outcome of this effort.”