The refurbished chalets and outdoor areas for visitors at the completely renovated Parnassos Ski Centre are opening on Monday, December 13th.

12/12/2021 | Our News, Press Releases

The facilities of the Parnassos Ski Centre are opening for visitors on Monday, December 13. In the following days, and in line with the weather forecasts, the slopes will gradually open so skiers can once again enjoy their favourite sport.

Specifically, from tomorrow all mountain-lovers will be able to visit our renovated chalets and enjoy a walk in the beautiful natural landscape of Parnassos. Visitors must observe the sanitary protocols that apply in restaurants, in indoor and outdoor areas and for use of the lifts in accordance with the recent Operation Protocol for Ski Centres (10/12/21).

In particular, all guests can enjoy the outdoor areas of the Ski Centre but only guests with a vaccination certificate or an illness certificate, or minors (from 4 to 17 years old) who show a negative Self Test, are allowed to enter the indoor areas of the chalets. It is obligatory to wear a mask in crowded areas.

As part of its strategy to upgrade the Parnassos Ski Centre, Hellenic Public Properties Company (HPPC) SA, the management company for the Centre, is pleased to offer all citizens, visitors and skiers a new experience for this year’s ski season, with the Parnassos Ski Centre in a leading role as a modern winter tourism destination.

In particular, HPPC has recently used its own resources to implement a series of targeted interventions and projects such as restoring the Fterolakas Chalet and selected areas of the Chalet Kelaria 1950, renovating all sanitary facilities to bring them up to modern standards, building special ramps to ensure ski resort infrastructure is fully accessible for people with disabilities, creating areas equipped for skiing lessons and opening shops that will offer the possibility of renting up to date equipment for new skiers, creating a new, modern and corporate identity for the Parnassos Ski Centre and operating modern digital electronic trading systems (web-ticketing) with the aim of security in the pandemic era, comfort and user-friendly digital services.

From this year, all the above interventions will be accompanied by high quality dining areas (food and beverages) that will combine to give a holistic experience at a modern winter destination, both in terms of staying in the renovated areas and skiing on slopes with their improved geometric features.

The Hellenic Public Properties Company (HPPC) SA, the management company of the Parnassos Ski Centre, and all the staff at the Centre are looking forward to welcoming visitors and skiers to the upgraded infrastructure and facilities at the Centre, offering new, improved services and a unique sports and entertainment experience for everyone.
We wish you a Happy 2021-2022 Ski Season!

For more information visit the new Parnassos Ski Centre website