The ski lifts at the Ski Centre were evacuated immediately and efficiently after the power outage that happened shortly before

17/12/2021 | Announcements, Our News

There was a power outage at the Parnassos Ski Centre today at 12.50. According to information from HEDNO, this was due to extensive damage to the PPC network.

The Ski Centre safety protocol was immediately put into effect, with all the staff springing into action to complete the evacuation of the aerial lifts efficiently within 45 minutes. At 17:50, skiers who wanted to be transported to the base of the ski resort were taken there on snow grooming vehicles and by 14.15 the Aphrodite and Aeolus runs were operating.

Due to the power outage, time limits were extended by 30 minutes and the Ski Centre is expected to operate normally tomorrow, Saturday, December 18