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Natura 2000 Protected Area

An ideal excursion for fans of Greek nature, the Kaiafas Thermal Springs which is part of the Natura 2000 network of protected areas, is located in the southern part of the Prefecture of Ilia, 25 km from Ancient Olympia.

The area combines a beautiful forest, a picturesque lake, baths taken from a fairy tale where the nymphs lived, and the Ionian Sea, on the adjacent beach of Zacharo.

Apart from their magical location, the Kaiafas Thermal Springs stand out for their baths, since the healing properties of the waters have been well-known since antiquity and make them ideal for modern bath therapy, but the area is also rich in mythology since the caves of the springs have been recorded as nymph dwellings.
The unit spreads over an area of some 6,139,000 square meters and includes the forest with the same name.

Guests can stay at Hotel Olympia, which is built on the lake’s small island which can be reached by land via a narrow picturesque bridge. Accommodation at the hotel offers a unique experience of peace and beauty, with unsurpassed lake views. The hotel has 16 double and 2 single bed fully equipped 2* rooms. At the same time, the lake also has facilities for water sports that attract hundreds of water sports fans every year.

Located in the area is the large and small Cave of the Anigrides Nymphs, where the hydrotherapy center is located, and the thermal spring of Geranio, with water ideal for positherapy. The facilities of the hydrotherapy center include:

  • Thermal Baths
  • Individual Hydrotherapy Bathtubs
  • Medical Clinic
  • Customer lounges
  • Outdoor heated pool with sliding roof
  • Canteen

Properties of the thermal spring water at Kaiafas

Kaiafas’ natural spa comes from two sources:

• The “Geranio Kaiafas” spring has been recognized as a natural thermal resource for bath therapy, while inhalation therapy, nasal rinses and positherapy are also expected to be included.

• The “Anigrides Nymphs Kaiafas” spring.

The spring of Anigrides Nymphs contains sodium hydrochloride with significant hydrogen sulfide content. The cave (spring) is divided into two parts, the big and small one. In the large one, temperatures range from 32-35C while in the small one, they range from 29-34C. The water, both hot and cold, spurts from the ground, mixing and creating a natural hammam.

The spring water is suitable for:

• Musculoskeletal disorders (back pain, sciatica, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, cervical syndrome, spondyloarthritis, psoriatic rheumatism and others related to bones and muscles)

• Skin diseases

• Gynecological disorders

Spring water is not appropriate for systemic, communicable and malignant diseases, liver and kidney failure.

  • Επικοινωνία
    26250 31705
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    [email protected]
  • Λειτουργία

    Hydrotherapy center

    • May 15 – November 15
    • 08:00 – 20:00

    OLYMPIA Hotel

    • Open year round
  • Πρόσβαση

    Via Tripoli - Kalo Nero - Zacharos (approximately 270 km from Athens)
    Via Patras - Pyrgos - Zacharos (approximately 330 km from Athens)