Open Calls

13/09/2022 – Open Calls

Stefanos Vlastos, CEO of HPPC, visits Thessaloniki for the 86th TIF 2022

Stefanos Vlastos, CEO of HPPC, visits Thessaloniki for the 86th TIF Helexpo 2022

Stefanos Vlastos: As HPPC we have become a reliable interlocutor for investors and Greek taxpayers

As part of his visit to Thessaloniki for the opening of the 86th International Exhibition, HPPC CEO, Stefanos Vlastos, attended the Prime Minister’s speech, toured the Exhibition stands, held meetings with institutional bodies, visited the Company’s properties in the country’s second largest city and participated in a series of events and workshops that took place as part of the TIF Helexpo 2022.

In particular, the Managing Director of HPPC attended the annual Thessaloniki Metropolitan Summit in the presence of the former President of the French Republic, François Hollande.

He also participated in the panel discussion entitled “The evolution of Real Estate in Greece: challenges and prospects” at the Workshop organised by the Growthfund. Mr. Vlastos pointed out that, despite the distortions and difficulties faced by the Company due to four different companies merging over a short period of time, HPPC is acting as a catalyst for the wider economy by putting its properties to good use and managing its Business Units effectively. By doing this, it is solving problems that had accumulated over decades and is supporting the Government’s drive to ensure strong development.

He also underlined that, in cooperation with the Growthfund and through a series of legislative initiatives, an effort is being made to clarify the Company’s legal framework.

While referring to the resolution of the complex and complicated issues faced by HPPC, he characteristically emphasised that the Company operates institutionally and solves “Gordian knots” to meet the wider public interest, and not the interests of the few. Regarding the tender for the Skaramangas Shipyards, Mr. Vlastos clarified that, over and above the successful outcome and the sale of the HPPC property, “we managed to attract serious investors with a global scope, proving we are interlocutors for both investors and tax-paying citizens. This was also the case for the HPPC Business Units at Vouliagmeni Beach, where we achieved a very good showing with very good income and profitability, and in the Parnassos Ski Centre where, for the first time since 1978, the centre achieved a positive income”.

The CEO of HPPC made particular reference to the use of HPPC’s properties in Northern Greece, such as the plan to use the emblematic Government House. He also mentioned the Company’s strategy of using its properties for RES developments, such as photovoltaic, wind and hydroelectric projects, as well as using agricultural land in the primary sector.

Finally, the Hellenic Public Properties Company took part in the OT Forum, in a very interesting discussion between the Company’s Managing Director and the President of the Association of Greek Tourism Enterprises, Yannis Retsos, which was chaired by journalists Nikos Filippidis and Vassilis Kanellis.

“We had a very good year for the entire supply chain, for all the hotels”, noted Mr. Vlastos. He also emphasized the pivotal role played by HPPC via the utilization of its tourist properties, and the tourism Business Units operating throughout Greece. “In addition to managing real estate, we are also entrepreneurs. We manage assets, such as the ski centres. Fortune favours the bold and those who are well-prepared. Parnassos had a turnover of 3 million, but when we took over it went up to 5 million euros and took off. It was a good year for winter tourism and this showed us the trend for the months that followed as well,” he noted.

Regarding Xenia hotels, he stated that they have basically been put out to tender. He noted that the HPPC’s goal is to attract serious investors so that appropriate changes can be made, allowing the hotels to become attractive and viable. During the discussion, special mention was made of the prospects for developing tourism at thermal springs, with Mr. Vlastos pointing out the need for the appropriate legislative framework to be drawn up, for the infrastructure to be improved and for market initiatives to be taken. He said that HCCP’s goal is for the thermal springs at Edipsos, which it manages, to be a trailblazer in this new effort.

Mr. Vlastos also had a working meeting with the Mayor of Ampelokipi Menemeni, Lazaros Kyrizoglou, on the fringes of the TIF. Both parties had the opportunity, as part of their ongoing cordial working relationship, to discuss matters which were of mutual interest in relation to utilizing HPPC properties.

It should be noted that HPPC properties that had remained unused and abandoned for years were recently ceded, with payment, to the Municipality. This action aims to create both a logistics area with these building being jointly developed through market driven co-operation with the Municipality of Ampelokipi Menemeni (50%-50%), and a Sports Centre for citizens.