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The Palace of Princess Sissi

An attraction for tourists from all over the world, Achilleion is one of the most famous royal mansions in Europe. Visitors flock to the apartments of the legendary Empress Elizabeth of Austria, who through literature, history and cinema became known as the unconventional and beautiful Empress Sissi.

The Empress chose this privileged location, on a slope that reaches the sea area of ​​Gastouri, Corfu, to build a summer palace, named after her favorite hero from ancient Greek mythology, Achilles. Murals from the life of the mythical hero adorn, among other works of art, the interior of the palace, while the impressive plant-rich outdoor areas are also decorated with impressive statues inspired by ancient Greek history and mythology.

Achillion was built at the end of the 19th century. The architecture of both the building and the surrounding areas, as well as the important works of art found in the gardens and the main building, would alone make it an important attraction for the beautiful island of Corfu.

The palace is of particular interest to history enthusiasts as beyond its architecture and souvenirs of its first, melancholy owner, it also houses items belonging to the last German Emperor William II, also known as Kaiser. The Emperor purchased it after Elizabeth’s assassination, adding a two-kilometer overpass that led to his favorite beach, which also impresses visitors. Later, Achilleion was used as headquarters and a hospital in the two world wars and as a casino up until a few decades ago.

The estate of Achilleion covers an area of ​​82,100 square metres and along with the palace, includes three other smaller buildings: the Barron’s, Guards and Gatehouse buildings.

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    ANNOUNCEMENT: The Achillion Palace will be closed to the public from Monday 06/11/2023 until Friday 10/11/2023 due to maintenance.

    The Imperial Gardens of the Achillion Palace remain open for visits every day from 08:00 to 16:00.

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    The Achilleion Palace is located in the mountain village of Gastouri, about ten kilometers southwest of Corfu Town.