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National Strategic Reference Framework (NSRF) Projects

HPPC, focuses its strategy on implementing a real estate development program for significant assets under its management.

The company’s certification as a beneficiary of the NSRF expanded the available financial resources for development and exploitation. This made it possible to plan a number of investments as co-financed projects throughout the country, promoting the upgrade of the Greek tourism product with the aim of introducing new alternative forms of tourism.

Α systematic effort is being made to implement a comprehensive action plan in order to exploit the potential of project financing in the various Sectoral and Regional Operational Programs (OPs). True to its vision for sustainable development, HPPC has pursued its long-term development goals, strengthening its position and contributing to the emergence of Greece as a top tourist and investment destination internationally.

The development of Specific Programs relates to the implementation of sustainable actions for the integrated environmental performance and operation of specific infrastructures in HPPC’s properties. Through innovative ideas and proven solutions from relevant applications worldwide, HPPC promotes the construction of projects that adopt processes based on the principles of “green” design, which contribute to the protection and promotion of the region’s natural and cultural heritage and that ensure sustainable development, with their twelve months of use and operation.


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